Emergency Phone


The two pictures on the left show the main screen when you have set up one number and the setup screen.

When you first start the app a warning will be displayed that you have to set up the numbers. That´s quite important because how should the app know where you are or what numbers to use?

You see, we take care about usability.

Pressing the Settings button in the upper right corner brings you to the screen where you can set up the labels and numbers.

Initally when no number is saved it says „No number saved!“. This is a good control for you if you have set up the number correctly.

The number and label is shown on the button itself too, so you have a second control.

Changing the numbers can be done any time by opening the app, pressing the Settings button and enter a new number.

Thank you for buying the app and have fun with it.


Emergency Phone is a small app that let you easily call the police and one other number by simply pressing a large button. The large buttons were very important to me! There are a lot of apps with this small buttons out. Do you think you find them if you are in a stress situation when you need to call the police or fire DP? I don´t think so.