Hour Calc


Hour Calc is a utility with witch you can convert normal hours in hour(s):minutes format to decimal hours (industrial hours) with format hours.minutes and vice versa.

Current version: 1.3.2

Running native on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Thank you for buying the app and have fun with it.

The two pictures on the left show the two main screens.

The left one is for converting normal time format to decimal time format.

The right one shows the other direction.

If you enter more than 59 minutes per accident an alert is shown that the calculation can not be done with that number of minute.

With version 1.2 a table for each view was added to add the calculated times.

It is more or less self explaining.

Adding a calculated value is done by pressing the „ADD“ button.

To clear an entry wipe over it and press the „Delete“ button.

To clear the whole tabe press the „CLEAR“ button.

Please note that this can not be undone!

You can download HourCalc for $0.99 from the

iTunes App Store by clicking the link on the right side