iEasyOpen works in all directions no matter how you hold your iPad as shown on the left.

In most of the cases horizontal view is the best for preview.

The current version consists of two pages wher you can store 18 pages.

To not break the user interface experience a button at the top left was added that brings you to the second page.

Setup of the second page is done the same way as for the first page with a button on the right upper corner.

In addition to that version 1.3 brings sequential load of the previews including load indicators.

The app loads 3 pages in parallel.

In version 1.4 the space between the previews was reduced to make each webview area as big as possible.

iEasyOpen is a iPad app for WebSites at you fingertips.

It features large buttons with a preview of your favourite WebSites. Touching the button will open the site in Safari.

You can give a label of your choice to each button.

Current version: 1.4.

Thank you for buying the app and have fun with it.

To set up iEasyOpen for use simply press the Settings button in the upper right corner.

In the Settings screen you can enter any valid web-site adress (called an URL).

As the app checks for http you can leave this.

Here are a few examples of what you can use:





  5. https://xxx (for https://xxx you have to enter the whole adress as the app completes adresses with http:// if the adress does not start with http)

As Safari and the preview function also tries to autocomplete URLs there might be pages where you can leave the www too! You can enter „“ for example to open the Apple Web-Site.

A good indicator that autocompletion works is the fact that the preview loads correctly.

Setting up iEasyOpen in horizontal direction works but doesn´t look too good. This is a fact but I didn´t want to shrink the buttons more for ease of use reasons. And as the buttons around the URLs and Labels are large enough you should not have any trouble saving your inputs.