iEasy Travel


This app calculates the amount of money in your local currency once you have defined the exchange rate.

This is much simplier than in other apps.

Think about beeing in a foreign country where cash is the prefered payment method.

To get the local currency you go to a bank or something similar and exchange a few bucks (i.e. $100).

You get an amount of the foreign currency.

These are the only things you have to enter, not more!

For easier use you can enter the currency symbol but you don´t have to!

In addition to that the fields for full and fraction parts of the payment have been split. This gives you a number keyboard with big numbers and eliminates typing errors!

You can leave the fraction part input fields empty.

iEasy Travel is a simple calculator for foreign currencies.

A new icon was generated for easier identifying the app (a Concorde of my model airplane collection).

Thank you for buying the app and have fun with it.

With version 1.4 two calculators were added.

The first on is for conversations:

    Kilometer to miles

    or km/h to mi/h


    Liters to gallons

To make usage as easy as possible the inputs are limited to full numbers. This satisfies most of the customers needs.

HINT: If you really want to calculate 15.5 gallons to liters enter 155 in the gallons field. The result of 586.74 liters means 58.674 liters for the 15.5 gallons. So 10 times the amount entered gives 10 times as the result.

Tapping the travel calc button on the main screen brings up an easy to use travel calculator.

Entering two of the three variables and tapping the CALC button will calculate the third on.

The output is a fractional number. On the iPhone input numbers are limited to full numbers.

You can download iEasyTravel for $0.99 from the

iTunes App Store by clicking the link on the right side